Welcome to veganbrew.com

Welcome to the beginning of veganbrew, the pioneering effort of two vegan
beer geeks to bring together the inventive worlds of vegan cuisine and
craft beer. What does veganism and beer have to do with each other you
ask? Perhaps it’s best summed up by honest Abe:

“I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be
depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring
them the real facts, and beer.”

– Abraham Lincoln

It is every genuine craft beer crusader’s mission to school the masses on
the wonderfulness of craft beer in the hopes that they will wean
themselves off of the carbonated piss served up by Budweiser, Miller and
Coors. So why stop at what we drink? In an effort to wean the masses off
of the garbage served up by KFC, McDonald’s and Burger King, we will
regularly fill these pages with commentary on the whys and how-tos of
eating and preparing delicious vegan food, while enjoying fine craft beer.

Make no mistake about it, the core of our mission is centered on social
responsibility. The industrial model used for modern-day farming is
flat-out reckless and immoral. However, let us be perfectly clear on this
– we are not dumpster-diving, politically correct, granola hippies.
Likewise, we are not self-important, “my shit doesn’t stink because I
donate to Green Peace,” pseudo-environmentalists. On this blog you won’t
find rants about the war in Iraq, genocide in Darfur or how wrong it is to
“water board” someone. The world is a fucked up place, but that, my
friend, is why we drink so much! What you will find is reviews of vegan
fare served up at brew pubs around the country, recipes for cooking with
beer, socially responsible homebrewing, write ups of beer and vegan food
pairing, vegan-friendly breweries, and much more.